Cosmetic surgery can bring many practical benefits for patients. While cosmetic surgery is largely a personal decision, the benefits are much greater than the public may recognize. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery yourself, or are supporting a loved one in their decision, this list of 6 benefits of cosmetic surgery may help you along the way:

1. Improves Image

One of the main reasons people usually choose to have cosmetic surgery is to improve their image. The body changes during cosmetic surgery, whether it becomes thinner, changes the shape of a nose or reduces breast size. These changes are usually perceived by the person as more attractive.

2. Improves Health

Many procedures in cosmetic surgery also provide health benefits. For example, liposuction results in the patient carrying around much less weight. Pressure on the joints and bones is relieved. Women who have breast reductions will experience less strain on their back. Rhinoplasties often improve breathing for patients. The list of health improvements goes on, nearly every procedure comes along with some health benefits.

3. Increases Confidence

By improving their image, many people are able to find increased confidence and participate more fully in life. Cosmetic surgery can help patients feel comfortable in their own skin.

4. Improves Mental Health

Poor self-image can lead to mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, social phobia and more. A cosmetic procedure can help the patient improve their self-image and thus lessen the affects of these problems. These benefits have been proven in some studies, such as this one, published by the Association for Psychological Science. The study shows that outside perceptions of attractiveness don’t relate to happiness, rather, our own self-perception is what matters. People who feel attractive are happier, and if one particular feature in their body stands in the way of feeling attractive, cosmetic surgery can help.

5. Encourages Long-term Change

For those who undergo weight-related cosmetic surgery, the motivation to keep the weight off increases. Patients lead healthier lives with improved diets and also exercise. This impulse to stay healthier may also be true of other patients because cosmetic surgery outcomes are best for patients that eat well and exercise. A healthier lifestyle is certainly a benefit for anyone as it improves quality of life and life expectancy.

6. Increases Success

Social situations, even job interviews and professional success is often influenced by image. Those who are more attractive may be more likely to get a promotion or job offer than other candidates. So, by undergoing cosmetic surgery, you may set yourself up for success in other areas of your life.

In the end, cosmetic surgery is often a personal decision. Consider these benefits while making your decision. They will help you determine whether these advantages will outweigh some of the risks involved. If you’re still making your decision, it can be helpful to speak with a qualified cosmetic surgeon who can explain the procedure you’re considering and what you can expect.
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